Kita mireriten kitci pe nta otamiroin Nouveau Monde Graphique ? 

Ota Nouveau Monde Graphite ni wi wikotcitanan tapickotc kaie kinec kitci miroparik e witci otamiromitakw. Kiskinohamatowin, otamirowin awacamec warowik e ici wapitcikatek kinec kitci taciketcik ka otamirotcik actew kitci miroparihitowiikw. Ni tapwetenan awacamec kitci tatcik ke ki otamirotcik kaskina wiec taci e ici actek otamirowin.

Pe kipitina ke ki ici aiamihitak !

Tshi uitshi-autssemau ne Nouveau Monde Graphite ? 

Ute Nouveau Monde Graphite, tapuetatshishunan tshetshi peteiat tshekuan e minuat kie minekash tshetshi uitshi-atussemitshit innuat ka mamuitiat.Tshishkutamatsheun,atusseuan, nikanitaun kie tshetshi kunenimanit kupanieshit uemuet nika ui nikanishtanun tshetshi minupan atusseuan. Nitapuetatshishunan kie nishutshenitenan takut tshi tutakan atusseun kie kassinu nete e ussi-unipinitakan atusseun kie tan ua itapinanut.

Nikatimunan tshitishinikashunuau, tshikaimitunanimuau tshe imitat !

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At Nouveau Monde Graphite, we are committed to making a positive, long-term impact on the communities we partner with. Training, employment, advancement, and retention of our workforce are essential to the success of our projects and mutual benefits. We firmly believe in the great potential of local workers, at every phase of ours projects and at every level of the company.  

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