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Powering a sustainable future rallies Team Nouveau Monde

To succeed, we are determined to take care of our colleagues, our partners, our customers and the planet. Caring is central to our business philosophy. Enhancing the value of graphite by respecting the environment; protecting our colleagues and business partners; creating value for our communities and First Nations; producing safe quality active anode material for our customers and end-users who adopt clean technologies. 

We are creating a new world – Nouveau Monde – where living and working coincide with powering the future! 

Team Nouveau Monde


We are committed to the well-being and development of our staff; here are some of the measures in place for Team Nouveau Monde:

  • Hybrid work schedules for most positions

  • Measures facilitating work-study balance

  • Employee assistance program and telehealth services

  • Benefit plan with insurance coverage and medical and dental care that can be extended to family members

  • Biannual employee summits regrouping all staff and executives

  • Performance reviews

  • Flexible schedule for management positions

  • Continuing education and professional development

  • Internal promotion opportunities

  • Annual sports challenge

Meet your colleagues

Finding your place: Hantsa’s journey

Originally from Madagascar, Hantsa has always had a passion for mining and a love of nature.

Now a resident of the magnificent region of Upper Matawinie, she is a laboratory technician at NMG’s Phase-1 plant.

“NMG’s commitment to sustainable development means a lot to me. Nature is so precious; it’s our duty to ensure a responsible energy transition. What I love most about my job is that innovation drives everything we do. We are constantly evolving and improving our processes and procedures. That’s really motivating!”

Attracting new families to the region: Carl-André’s story

From his bustling Montréal life, Carl‑André traveled to northern Québec to embark on a Vocational Studies Diploma training in ore processing operations. Upon graduation, he moved with his spouse and newborn son to Saint-Michel-des-Saints to join Team Nouveau Monde.

“From the get-go, I knew that I wanted to work for NMG, a mine in the making that aligns with my ecoresponsible values. Although 2020 was difficult globally, it was a pivotal year for me. I had the happiness of experiencing the birth of my son and the pleasure of getting the job I wanted. I’m now within walking distance of work, with the woman I love by my side and our happy baby in a municipality that we love more and more every day.”

Helping Shape a Net Zero Future: Gabriel’s story

Gabriel aspires to make an impact on society and the planet’s future through his work. Taking on the role of Manager, Carbon Neutrality Program at NMG proved to be his opportunity to shift his efforts and expertise from corrective environmental measures to proactive and innovative climate solutions. The most important project Gabriel has worked on so far is the development and publication of NMG’s Climate Action Plan 2022-2030+. 

“I’m proud of this action plan, which is on a scale that few start-ups can adopt. This plan demonstrates NMG’s climate commitment and seriousness. The resulting projects I work on are really making a difference, which keenly motivates me every day.”