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Nouveau Monde seeks to provide zero-carbon solutions for a wide range of applications and industries thanks to the distinct properties of graphite. Our advanced materials are CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR SPECS to ensure optimal performance.

Illustrations showing the stages of production of energy from graphite

We cover the entire value chain to deliver:

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High quality

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Low cost

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Carbon-neutral footprint

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Guaranteed traceability

Pure by Nature

Our world-class Matawinie deposit yields high-purity natural graphite, with an optimal distribution of flake sizes to cater to countless applications. Our simple flotation process generates concentrated graphite reaching +98% Cg, before value-added steps.

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Perfected for You

Our technical team assisted by our R&D experts are ready to refine our natural graphite and materials to your specific requirements thanks to an extended technological platform for advanced manufacturing.

Nouveau Monde’s proposed extraction and transformation operations are being engineered to tap into the highest environmental performance, clean hydroelectricity, and a no-waste policy to deliver green materials with a net-zero carbon footprint.

Find Your Solution

We have off-the-shelf solutions for your business, from coated spherical purified graphite (CSPG) to expandable graphite, high-purity flakes, expanded graphite and more. Those can be directly sourced, upgraded or further transformed; reach out for technical support or samples.

Performance & Reliability

Energy storage

» Lithium-ion batteries
» Fuel-cell technologies

Refractory Product

» Crucibles
» High-temperature lubricants
» Carbon additives
» Alloys

Niche Markets

» Engineered materials
» Intumescent applications
» Thermal diffusers
» Nuclear reactors
» Insulation

Closing the Loop

The accelerating energy transition is putting pressure on graphite-based materials as demand soars. Nouveau Monde’s advanced anode materials processing plant is also building in the capacity to process graphite from other sources and, potentially recycle anode materials, to adequately supply you, with the same sustainability promise.

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At the forefront of battery technology, we have secured the licenses to commercialize engineered processes developed by Hydro-Québec’s world-renowned Center of Excellence in Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage.

Nouveau Monde maintains a portfolio of R&D projects to refine our line of specialty products based on market demands and innovations. Elite research, in-house and in close collaboration with academia, enable us to continually enhance our offering.

Flexible Logistics

We propose to offer multi-modal logistics to bring carbon-neutral products to your facilities, with the lowest environmental footprint possible:

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Rail transportation

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International shipments from Montréal and Bécancour ports

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Road transportation

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Let’s discuss

We are here to cater to your specs. Email or book a virtual meeting with Patrice, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Business Development, to explore how we can provide you with the high-quality advanced materials that you need.