Nouveau Monde Awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by the Québec Mineral Exploration Association, as the Company Commissions its Phase-1 Purification Anode Material Production Facility

2021-10-28T08:10:53-04:00October 28, 2021|Press Release|

Nouveau Monde Graphite continuous advancement in the past year culminated yesterday with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award presented by the Québec Mineral Exploration Association in recognition of the Company’s sustained corporate growth, from exploration to phase-1 production with a view to full-scale commercial operations.

Pallinghurst Increases its Interest in Nouveau Monde to 21% – Showing Further Commitment to the Company

2021-10-17T20:14:55-04:00October 18, 2021|Press Release|

Pallinghurst has converted the full outstanding principal amount of a secured convertible bond in the principal amount of C$15 million to common shares of Nouveau Monde. This decision further demonstrates Pallinghurst’s significant and continuing support for the Company and its ongoing project development initiatives, as it strives to become a key player in the sustainable energy revolution.

Nouveau Monde Releases Inaugural ESG Report – Key Focus on Environmental Excellence and Sustainability

2021-10-14T09:10:38-04:00October 14, 2021|Press Release|

As it strives to become a contributor to the energy transition and circular economy, Nouveau Monde is publishing its inaugural ESG Report to disclose its managerial approach to addressing material topics and highlight significant sustainability milestones and indicators.

Nouveau Monde Commissions State-of-the-Art Laboratory to Further its Proprietary Battery Technology Research and Development; Hires New Senior Scientists

2021-10-04T20:15:20-04:00October 5, 2021|Press Release|

Nouveau Monde is completing the commissioning of its state-of-the-art laboratory at its demonstration plant, an addition to the Company’s existing quality testing facilities. This expansion is triggered by Nouveau Monde’s commitment to catering to the market’s requirements for high-performing and environmentally responsible battery materials that can be tailored to a variety of specs.

Nouveau Monde Provides Update on the Deployment of its Fully Financed Phase-1 LiB Anode Material Project

2021-09-22T20:35:33-04:00September 23, 2021|Press Release|

As demand for battery materials continues to grow, Nouveau Monde is enhancing its production capacity for advanced graphite solutions through investments in phase-1 operations. The Company is deploying its business strategy to test manufacturing technologies, refine processes, inform commercial development, and support technical marketing and product qualification efforts targeting the lithium-ion batteries market.

Nouveau Monde Joins Marketplace & Industry at The Battery Show – North America’s Largest Advanced Battery Manufacturing Event

2021-09-12T18:45:51-04:00September 13, 2021|Press Release|

Nouveau Monde Graphite's Sales & Marketing Team is heading to Michigan, U.S., to participate in The Battery Show, North America's largest and most comprehensive advanced battery manufacturing trade show – a forum for advanced battery technology for electric and hybrid vehicles, utility and renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military, as well as telecommunications.

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