Following a rigorous environmental review, the Québec government issued a ministerial decree authorising the Matawinie mining project. Our plans incorporate sustainable development measures such as an integrated water management system, co-disposal of mine tailings, progressive site restoration and biodiversity protection, all of which have been acclaimed by government environmental experts.

From mine development and eco-engineering to metallurgy and project management, the Company has assembled a seasoned team with the required skillset to finalize a robust project schedule, ensure proactive cost control and lead the successful execution of the Matawinie construction while respecting the environment and our community.

Start of Works

After having obtained the first permits, tree clearing work was carried out in the winter of 2021. Preparatory work for the industrial platform and construction of the access road began in the summer of 2021 following the receipt of the permits.

  • The layout of the access road has been modified during the last few months in response to concerns expressed during public consultations with the community and at the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE). The modified route has been moved away from the residential sector and the village; the road will connect the mine site directly to Highway 131.

  • Work is carried out in accordance with the social and environmental protection measures, respecting the parameters defined in the government decree and permits.

Environmental Surveillance & Monitoring

In order to protect the environment and the well-being of the community, Nouveau Monde has developed an environmental surveillance and monitoring to oversee the construction, operation and closure activities of the Matawinie project.

We follow-up on and disclose our environmental commitments and conditions via a summary document updated twice a year, in accordance with the analysis and authorization procedure of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change.




Access road construction, civil works for site preparation


Clearing and preparation of water management infrastructure


Construction of industrial infrastructure


Installation of the water treatment plant (commercial phase) and construction of the industrial buildings


Construction of mining infrastructure;  electrical and mechanical works for industrial buildings


Facilities commissioning


Nouveau Monde wants to ensure a harmonious cohabitation with the community and our stakeholders. We recognize that our activities can generate impacts, both negative and positive, and propose concrete tools to ensure a feedback mechanism with stakeholders.

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Since 2017, an MONITORING COMMITTEE, composed of local citizens, First Nations, business representatives and local organizations, has been assisting Nouveau Monde in the development of the Matawinie project. It ensures that the implementation of the project respects the milieu, minimizes environmental impacts and integrates the concerns and expectations of the community. The exchange of local know-how and scientific knowledge allows us to validate the design of our independent experts and improve our development plans for the economic, social and environmental benefit of the region.

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Nouveau Monde is committed to maximizing the local and regional benefits associated with the development of our projects, through training, employment and business opportunities, particularly as set out in our pre-development agreement with the Atikamekw First Nation and the collaboration and benefit sharing agreement with the municipality of Saint-Michel-des-Saints.

To this end, procurement is managed through a centralized process that strives to ensure compliance with Nouveau Monde’s environmental, quality, and health and safety programs.

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