Supporting the Advancement of a Transparent, Sustainable, and Circular Battery Industry

18 September 2023 -

Two mining coordinators entering activities of the site on the GBA app.
An active member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Battery Alliance (“GBA”), NMG subscribes to the objective of establishing a circular and sustainable battery value chain through public-private leadership and partnerships.We participated in documenting traceability application at the mining level and informing the development of the GBA’s Battery Passport which is set to become the dominant norm attesting to the environmental and social compliance of a battery throughout its value chain. A proof of concept of the Battery Passport that was launched in early 2023, demonstrating the viability of having a digital twin for physical batteries to track and disclose key information about all sustainability and lifecycle standards.

“The Battery Passport provides a springboard for the adoption of cleantech that truly promotes decarbonization and a just transition at every stage of their value chain. By informing GBA’s traceability efforts, committing to responsible mining practices, partnering on battery recycling, and embedding carbon neutrality into our business model, NMG proudly supports the advancement of a transparent, sustainable, and circular battery industry.”

– Eric Desaulniers

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